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Paws Down Dog Training   & Pet Services

Dog Training

Private Training Lessons per hour:   $80

In-Board Training-per week:          $450



Puppy/Dog Training: 


1.  In-Board Training - Have your puppy/dog go home with complete basic obedience training.  (4 weeks)


2.  Private Training Sessions - Train your dog with these one on one private sessions. (7 weeks)


3.  Puppy Classes - It is very important to train you new puppy.  You can start training at 8 weeks old.  When a puppy is trained at such a young age, they will keep it for a lifetime.





In-Board traininh:


What will they learn in Basic Obedience?  They will learn how to lure with a treat, sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, come to recall, loose leash heeling and most important is the long 30 minute down stay. 


We train in my home for a minimum of 2 weeks starting at four months (After they have had all their shots).


They will enjoy their time spent here and the socialization with the other dogs' that board with us will be a great lesson in itself. 





You can practice anywhere, even the beach.

Private dog training classes: 


These classes are held either at my home or yours, as we will work as a team in training your dog. 


In 7 weeks we will have worked together to teach your dog to sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, come to recall.

Loose leash healing and a long 30 minute down stay. We will also work with distractions.


To complete the private training we will test the dog on the last day and he/she will need to pass in order to graduate. 




I am a ABC certified dog trainer.


I use Positive Reinforcement training to teach obedience, tricks and to work with behavioral problems.



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