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Pet Care Tips

1.  Your pets should always wear a collar with proper identification tags.  If they are ever lost, it could be their only chance for a safe return.


2.  Never leave your pet unattended in direct sunlight or in a closed vehicle.  Heatstroke can occur and lead to brain damage or death.


3.  Always clean antifreeze spills immediately.  Pets are attracted to the sweet taste and even a small amount can be fatal.


4.  Don't give a new pet as a gift.  Choosing a pet is a life long-commitment which should be made with great care.  Consider giving a gift certificate to a local shelter where the new pet parent can select their own pet.


5.  Spay or neuter your pets.  There aren't enough good homes for the dogs and cats we have, and more are born every day.


6.  Always make sure your pet has access to fresh water. 


7.  Adopting a pet is a life-long commitment.  Please only adopt a pet after careful consideration. 


Thank you to "Friends of Lake Forest Animals" for their tips on pet care.


Tips for Training your dog.

Long down-say: One of the most important things to teach a dog is a long 30 minute downstay.  A dog should lie down for 30 minutes without getting up, playing, crawling, etc.  Always go to the left side of the dog and take a step forward and say "OK" to release your dog. 


Note:  Never release your dog from across the room. 


No tug of war: Where this may seem fine it can cause them to be more aggressive and less receptive to the training you give them. 

Make them earn their treat: Whether it be a walk, dog treat or new toy make sure they sit, stay or down-stay for them to earn it. This helps reinforce their training. Just like us over time we can unlearn good habits and learn bad ones. 

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